5 Reasons Why The Black Community Is Still Enslaved To Europeans

You might not want to hear this, but it is time for POC to have a dose of cold reality, particularly Blacks, Afro Latinos and Mixed Blacks. We are in a position today where we don’t control our own destiny and are effectively still slaves to white people. Hopefully, this article we can open the dialog and minds to get out of this situation before it is too late. Look at the NBA, NFL, Modeling Industry, Movie Industry, News Media, Music Industry, etc. 

This opinion isn’t about bashing white people or telling you to hate them. It is about pointing out our behaviors and things we are allowing to continue to happen to us 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. We have lawyers, politicians, doctors, PhDs, business owners and so called intelligent people in the black community. We have many material things in our lives and “freedoms”, but in many ways are in a worse position than we were 100 years ago. Isn’t it time to recognize and admit it is time to do something different as a community?

With that said, let’s dive into the reasons we still haven’t gotten from under the thumb of our captors and still have a long uphill battle to fight. Despite some of us having the markings of success, we still have a long way to go as a people.

The White Educational System And View Of The World Dominates The Black Community

Because the black community doesn’t control it’s educational system, our children will forever see the world through the perspective of white eyes. This is what is meant when people say one has black skin, but white eyes. The individual looks like a member of the black community, but thinks like a member of the white community. Meaning, they see everything as sacred that comes from the white community and negates thoughts, sciences, businesses and everything else that comes from their own people.

During the indoctrination years, I mean formal education, the black community is being conditioned to love, honor and respect white history, people and where they come from on the planet. Blacks know everything about white people, but most  only take one month, February, to learn anything about the black community. And if you are awakened, then you know these are controlled lessons that only emphasis what you are learning the other 11 months of the year.

Black People Are Infatuated By White Culture & Europe

Not Just Blacks but Latinos and Asians to name a few. This is a by product of the reason above, the educational system. Why wouldn’t you love, honor and respect white or Western culture when you have been formally indoctrinated into the system? It only makes sense. It becomes what you are familiar with and identify with at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are all in on Western culture, then you must be ignoring your own culture, history and people. Sure, you don’t mean for this to be the outcome, but it is nevertheless unless you are blessed enough to have someone in your life to help the scales fall from your eyes.

However, most in the black community are not so fortunate. We end up living a life dreaming of visiting Europe to see and experience the history we endear growing up first hand. The black community is infatuate with white culture, people and Europe.

Nothing Is Validated In The Black Community Until It Is Approved By Whites

Building on the education and the infatuation the African American community has with white people, you know nothing is given the stamp of approval until someone white gives it the thumbs up. It hurts my heart to say this in public, but it is true and you know it.

Validation comes to businesses, athletes, students, children, our intelligence, medicine, inventions, political policies, and everything else the black community can dream up when someone from the white community says it is good. This is a hangover from slavery as discussed by Dr. Na’im Akbar in his epic book “Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery”. We need white validation.

Blacks Embrace White Jesus And Their Religion

I know I’m going to lose a few of you from the this point forward. However, I don’t care. This is very important. Dr. John Henrik Clarke talks about if you take a man’s identity out of his God, then he will always see himself as inferior because he will identify the other with the deity, blessed people and not himself. This is exactly what happen to the black community and we bought it hook line and anker.

For hundreds of thousands of years, we have controlled our visions of God, the Universe and our spirituality. Post slavery, we do not control this image and continue to struggle from turning over this basic human right.

Blacks Spend All Their Money With Whites Continuing To Make Them Rich At The Expense Of Themselves

It makes me sick that we are economically foolish enough to spend our $1 trillion dollars in annual spending power almost exclusively with white businesses. Not only do we spend most of our money in white establishments but we as Black business owners, managers , CEO’s and Presidents don’t show reverence to African American consumers like we do with Whites. A residue of a slave mentality which also impacts the way we see ourselves in the mirror ( High Yellow, Redbone, Blue Black, Good Hair, etc ). We have no concept of how important it is to spread our money around our community a few times before allowing it to leave. In fact, we are the only community in the country that does this and because of our Mis-Education, Carter G. Woodson’s book reference. What is worst is we don’t even understand the error in this practice, nor care to learn.  At this rate, we will definitely forever be slaves to white people. Those who do break the chains sometimes disown their communities for more diverse and established non black communities or upscale upper middle class Black communities where class is just as important as it is to Caucasians and Asians, classism!

Obviously, the black community is no longer in physical chains, but to the awakened mind it is clear the psychological chains still exist. We turn over all power and assets back to the white community without resistance and need to make a serious change in our behavior and beliefs. It is aaid that the average Black family will not will any estate or wealth to their children because either they have none or they will forget to. Some who do will leave it to their biracial offspring and they will in return  marry whites and the money will end up back where it came from.  Look at Michael Jackson . Great talent but he allegedly fathered 3 kids who not only look nothing like him but they look 100% European. Why didn’t he father children with a Black woman using his own seed?  Most men and women in Hollywood either dated Europeans or date the exclusively which also includes athletes, comedians, etc. They then turn around and have mixed kids who come out looking ambiguous and passing for white. Many of them not having any knowledge or pride of their African Heritage but also only date outside of their race which is a very common practice on the East Coast, West Coast and now very popular in the south. Here are examples of ambiguous Blacks who mostly or almost exclusively date outside of their race; Rashida Jones, Wentworth Miller, Daniel Sunjata, Cash Warren, Nicole Richie, etc 


Its no longer cool to have chocolate babies because people say that biracial children look better and Black women are unfit or undesirable to be wives / girlfriends, some aren’t even pursued as casual sex partners. SMH. Its that bad! If you think I’m telling lies go to Craigslist and other dating sites and look at what black men are requesting as mates ( white, mixed, biracial, redbone, asian or latino ). Need an example outside of Craigslist,  click here on this Tumblr article.


In 20 years its possible the black population may drop from a steady 12% to 5 % due to abortions, incarcerations, eugenics, child protection services, single parent homes especially because mixing and racial purification.  That means it could possibly fall lower than the Asian American Population which is currently about 5% although in some major cities the Asian Population jumps as high as 15 and 20%. Not only are SOME Blacks claiming white on census records but especially are Latinos ( Afro Latinos ) and some biracial Asians.


Something that has happened in Hawaii, Australia with the Aborigines, The Native Americans, South Africa, etc. I have nothing against racial mixing and marriage but when you don’t teach your offspring their history and pride in their ethnic beauty then that is both a travesty and tragedy that you wont see as often in Biracial Asian/White or Latino/ White children. 

Let that marinate but don’t forget to wash that hair relaxer out before it burns your scalp or  the bleaching cream you bought to lighten your skin because assimilation and self hate is real.  I’m addressing all people of color ( african, latino, asian, black, mulatto, colored, blasian, blaxican, caribbean, etc ). I’m not perfect, every now and then I catch myself slipping but I am aware of the brain washing my brain has endured from years of social conditioning and engineering , commercials, movies, etc. 


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