Caucasoids and Mongoloids are NOT Races They are cultures!

Notice how dark the Koreans use to be due to both or either genetics or sun exposure from agriculture/farming. Notice the African Huts and take note that the statues not are not only African but resemble statues found in Native American Culture. If you didn’t know any better you would think they were Native American. 

The corollary to the above proofs and exhibits, is that the Europeans mans division of the worlds people into the three Human races (Black, White and Mongol) is false and self-serving. When a group member of a species with a great variety of physical attributes - such as Black Humans - who exhibit ALL Human attributes: Black skin, White skin (Albinos), Broad noses, Narrow noses, Full lips, Thin lips, Wooly hair, Straight hair, Hair of all colors, Hair of all textures, Very tall people, Very short people, People with Mongol features - breaks away, and forms a “Supergroup” of ONLY those with a “Single” particular distinct attribute, and through some type of isolation - forced or otherwise, breed exclusively among themselves, thus producing offspring with only that one attribute. They create a Sub-species containing ONLY that attribute!

So when isolate members of a species ALL share a common trait, such as (White Skin - Albinism). They do not form a “New” Race, they form a SUB-SPECIES. Thus Europeans are NOT a RACE, they are a SUB-SPECIES!

So when isolate members of a species ALL share a common trait, such as (Mongol features). They form a SUB-SPECIES. Thus Mongol is NOT a RACE, it is a SUB-SPECIES!

So when isolate members of a species ALL share a common trait, such as (extreme small stature - Pygmy) . They form a SUB-SPECIES. Thus the Pygmy is NOT a RACE, it is a SUB-SPECIES!

Therefore, there is only ONE RACE - the “All Encompassing” Black skinned Human race: all others are Sub-species.

This does not make Africans superior or better but the beginning of humanity because we all came from Africa. We are all brothers and sisters.

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