American-Based Kenyan Singer and Actress Miriam Chemmoss Has Released a New Album.

Miriam Chemmos, a multi-talented Kenyan singer/song-writer and actress living in the United States, has released a new album titled Lovebird. Released on January 7, 2013, Lovebird celebrates love, peace and unity, and is a collection 15 tracks sung in both English and Swahili incorporating a verity of genres - reggae, salsa, hip-hop, rumba, pop, RnB, and soukous.

Lovebird is available for purchase on Miriam’s website - or on iTunes.

Miriam was born in Kenya but spent her childhood between Kenya and Tanzania. She began singing and citing at an early age, and competed at the national drama and music festivals while in high school in Kenya. In 1998, Miriam moved to Iowa in the US where she studied Theater/Music and Media, and graduated in 2001. After graduation she moved to Washington, DC, where she acted in several regional theatrical shows and also hosted her own radio titled “Retrospect' on Voice of America. While in Washington, DC she also featured on CBS hit TV series “The District" 2003 and in several independent films such as "Refuge" and "Mirrors”.

In 2004, Miriam moved to New York and landed numerous roles on off-Broadway shows and on print and television modeling jobs. She also became a member of the famous Motown girl musical group “The Marvalletes Revue”. While performing with this group Miriam shared stages with legendary groups such as “The Escorts”, “Kool & The Gang”, and “Soul Generations”.

In 2007 Miriam released a hit single titled “RUDI" that would top charts and countdowns in several radio stations around the world: BBC Radio (UK), SARFM(New York), Voice of America (Washington, DC), Kiss FM (Kenya), Capital FM (Kenya), Sanyu FM (Uganda),Ghana Choice FM, among others. The success of theRUDI single gave Miririam a great deal of media coverage, including being featured in several US and overseas magazines. She was featured in the September, 2007 issue of Vibe Magazine, with the magazine calling her “The Queen of African Urban Music”.

Miriam cites several famous African singers Miriam Makeba, Sade, Tshala Mwana, Angelique Kidjo, Brenda Fassie, among others as her inspiration. 

For more information on Miriam Chemboss including samples of the Lovebird album, visit her website - or on the KenyanMusica youtube channel.

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